Brand.ed Magazine Issue 4 : #i4War - Page 13

What advice would you give anyone that is struggling with finding their niche "Sound" ? The first thing I would say is, “If it sounds good to you musically, then it will work”. Legends forge their own path, James Brown is a classic exam- ple. He knew what he was going for, and trained musicians tried to tell him that what he was creating was off, but he stuck to the sound in his head. Believe in what is being created within you, you should have no reason to try and copy a sound, you already naturally have your own sound, so ultimately I would say, sit still, be quiet, and listen to yourself. What are a few issues a person can have when it comes to understanding how royalties from publishing work? The main issue artist should be con- cerned with is, once a song is created, what should be done with the actual file. If it was a collaboration with a producer or another song writer, have song split sheets available. That ac- tually should be talked about before you start the collaboration. After that, depending on whether the song is going on an album or will be a sin- gle, ensure that all credits that you are due, are notated, and then regis- tered with the PRO. At least have an agreement that ensures that you will be credited an agreed upon percent- age for your contribution to a finished song. That agreement can be as sim- ple as a song split sheet. Just don’t forget about the business, because what ends up happening is, me and you write a song, 6 months pass by, you forget about it, I record the song, and then put it out as a single, and register everything in my name on- ly. Artist continuously get left out of song situations and royalties from simply not making sure the business is right. Anyone you would like to recognize ? I want to thank the songwriters we work with that trust us with representing their music, it’s an honor to repre- sent someone’s creative baby. I want to shoutout Zech Wilson aka 6ixx for not only being good family, but a great friend and partner, and just keeping it real with me all along this journey. 13