Brampton West Family of Schools - Schools in Action 2012/2013 Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 9

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Matthew 5:9 St. Ursula Catholic Elementary School St. Ursula School Wins Premier’s Safe Schools Award The Premier’s Safe Schools Award recognizes ten schools in Ontario for demonstrating initiative, creativity and leadership in promoting a safe and inclusive school. The St. Ursula Positive Safe School team identified practices that encompassed the Ministry’s elements for a positive school climate, developing initiatives to: build staff knowledge and skills, with a focus on Moral Literacy; build community through Spirit/Virtue assemblies and the reinforcement of St. Ursula School pieces, and cemented them in place. The results of the student leadership initiative has been a wonderful addition to our school, and viewed by all who enter through the front doors. The central piece of the design is a cross, the core of our faith. St. Ursula, our patron saint is watching over. She guided others on a journey; so we too journey together, guiding one another, represented by a boat. Each one of us is depicted in silhouettes: children and adults, united in community. Julie Bryce, Principal Diane Carpe, Vice Principal Premier’s Safe Schools Award S.N.A.P. EcoSchool Bronze Certification SPEAKUP Initiatives Healthy Schools Grant Think Pink: Stand Up Against Bullying “The Royals” Receive a Healthy Schools Grant as a positive place to be; to enhance parent engagement, and to collaborate with community partners. St. Ursula School is the first school in DufferinPeel to win the award, and one of two elementary schools recognized for the work done to foster a safe, caring and inclusive school. Congratulations to the St. Ursula Safe Schools team comprised of staff, students, parent representatives and a community representative. We are excited to partner with Peel Health to focus on healthy eating and physical activity initiatives this year. Math and Literacy skills will be integrated as the team creates a no-bake healthy snack recipe book. Zumba will engage students in an upbeat exercise that will certainly be exhilarating. Web Stained Glass Window Through a SPEAKUP project, students created a stained glass window for the school prayer room. The students and staff advisor created a design, selected the colors, gridded and soldered glass We Journey Together, Guiding One Another 7