Boyz Magazine 1300 - Page 46

Last shot Photo by Angus Wharton Glam drag queens Martha D’Arthur and Davina Sparkle work it for the crowd during the Parade at last weekend’s Brighton Pride celebrations. Your stars this week Aries Venus in Virgs will be taking the pain out of an awkward situation at work this week. The risk of falling asleep at meetings is still there, but tensions should be replaced by a cheeky flirt if you’re lucky. Either way, life should be feeling a little quieter. Passion Rating: eeeee Taurus  Your ruling planet Venus is moving across to Virgs. This means love, sensuality and more than a little sauciness is on the cards for you this week. Just please don’t oil up your norks on a park bench again. Make your love game a little subtler. Passion Rating: eeeee Gemini Stamina is the name of the game this week, Gems. We’ve heard the rumours about you, but this week you’ll be so busy you’ll have prove it to us. Whether this stamina is needed for a busy working week, moving flat or something more fun remains to be seen. We hope the latter. Passion Rating: eeeee Cancer Mars in Saturn means your energy levels will be through the roof this week. No matter what is thrown at you you’ll be able to handle it. If you’re planning a new project, giving the house a deep clean or even a saucy weekend, now is the time to do it. Passion Rating: eeeee by Ivella de Romeda Libra Capricorn This week you’ll be craving some privacy thanks to Venus in Virgo. You might also have the hots for someone who is a little unavailable at the moment. If you’re planning to make a move, perhaps hold tight. Only fools rush in. Passion Rating: eeeee Venus is in your ninth house, which will be prising open your mind with a crowbar. A new experience might come your way and open up a whole new social life or passionate path for you. Don’t be afraid to try something saucy. Even cautious Cappers can go wild. Passion Rating: eeeee Venus in Virgs is boosting your money and negotiating opportunities. Whether you want to set up a business online, crave that corner office, or are dying for a pay rise, you’ve never been in a better position to ask. And that position is not on [\ۙY\RK\[ۈ][ΈYYYYB[\\[\X[BX]][[\X[YK]ܚ[[[]Y[[ޚ[܂Y[]\\H[ۈH\˂X\[[]][ۜ[\™^\[ۘ[HܙY\KܝY [H]\ۛ\H^H[XY \[ۈ][ΈYYYYB[\[\\ܘ[[[HBܝ[]HYH]X[HX]\˂[ۙ^H\ܙX] ][X]]X[H\XYH[H\H[YH[]Z[&]\Hܘ[Y\ ]8&\0̌ [\[JK]8&\[YH][ž[x&]H[^\Y[Z[˂\[ۈ][ΈYYYYB[\\[ݚ[[[\Yۈ܂[و\[۝ X[B[[\ۙY[K[ž[\Y[X][\[\\˂][\Z\Y ^[\\\[^HYH\H]\X]\B[x&\H[H]X[YBܘ^H][[ۋX\˂\[ۈ][ΈYYYYB܈H\وH[۝[\[B[\[HYو\Y\\[ž[\\ [x&[]HH[X[\›ܝ[]H[\\[\[[\ܝ[]Y\ˈ\\ ]\HYZ\\ܚš[HۙˈY\Hۛ[H\B[[X]] \[ۈ][ΈYYYYB[\\[[\\\\ۙK™^XH[K۝[Y[\B[YH]YK]\[[ ]][\Y\[ޙKXK]ۜˈY[H[]\HY[ XۛX][\X\܈[X[H\]\]HX]H[\[\\x&\]\[YK\[ۈ][ΈYYYYB[\ܜ[‚Y]\]\‚\]X\]\‚\\‚^XY^[H\X\YHܜXYHX\[ H^H\\Y[\X[HH]\Y[X\[ ^ LK M \ L [ BK ̌ M MΌ B