Boyz Magazine 1300 - Page 43

Vauxhall’s popular Friday Night Fever at BackCounter features a live set with DJChillz. From 8pm - 1am. Entry is free. Touch Inn Massage Therapy is the first London based massage therapy practice that is focused on the LGBT community. They offer a full range of treatments every Friday and are based in Covent Garden. Open 8am - 10pm. saturday 13th Get ready to get wet and wild at the annual G-A-Y Pool Party featuring two swimming pools, sand pits and a free barbecue. Open 10.30pm - 5am. £3 entry wristbands are available from G-A-Y Bar. Get ready for hot bears and blokes with tattoos tonight at XXL complete with a sexy Tattoo theme. Tunes from resident DJs Alex Logan, Joe Egg and David Robson. Open 10pm - 7am. £8 for members, £15 for guests. Tonight at the Two Brewers there’s cabaret from Topsie Redfern and top tunes from DJs Liam Chaplin and Chris Brogan in the Club Bar. Open 5pm - 4am. Entry is free before 10pm, £8 after. The cabaret fun at Halfway II Heaven starts at 3pm with Mary Mac followed by Rose Garden and Dolly Diamond. The Vixens will be on stage at 10pm plus DJ Justin Swift. Open 12pm - 3am. Entry is free. Eagle London welcomes Bearracuda for a new monthly residency where DJs Louis Lennon and Mikalis will be spinning the tunes. Open 9pm - 4am. Entry is £5 until 11pm, £8 after. It’s Klub Night tonight with Everybody’s Free singer Rozalla and DJ Steven Prince at the White Swan in Limehouse. Open 8pm - 5am. Free before 10.30pm. Tonight is Duckie at the RVT with music from Readers Wifes and the one and only compere Amy Lamé. Open 9pm - 2am. Entry is £6. Central Station tonight has cabaret, plus treat yourself to their delicious food. Open midday - late. Entry is free before. Café de Paris presents Showtime, their weekly variety show plus a 2-4-1 dinner deal from 6pm. Tickets from £75 from Sweatbox in Soho hosts its weekly foam party tonight at 10pm. Open 24 hours. Entry is £17 or free for members. Jacquii Cann takes to stage at midnight at The Victoria in Walthamstow. Open 9pm - late. Entry is £5. It’s Open Mic tonight at the Kings Arms with some fresh new talent. From 9pm - late. Entry is free. The hilarious CK takes to the stage at the George and Dragon tonight in Greenwich. DJ Spark will be on the decks playing the best in chart remixes. Open 8pm - 4am. Entry is free. There’s fun at the Admiral Duncan with Just a Couple of Showgirls. Heidi Liscious h HYقX\]]YH\[HX[[ۙ [ LH H X[K[H\YKH][K][[Y[X[HZ\HYB]H[ܙK\]ܝ [ LK[H\YK[H[]ZY܈X\\ܝ܂[\X\]Y]HXY][Z[H[ [ H H LK[H\0HY[X\LY\˂]^[8&\X[\[^H[\[\˜][\[X[H H]KH^H]Xۙ۸&\XY[[[\XY \ۈ]\H]\^H]HZ[ܚY\˂[ L\H H]K[H\0L 0܈[[Y\˂XK\وT ٙ\YHU\^B]H\ˈ\]HH ˌH܈\\ [ \H H KHۙۈY]Y\[[Y\XۚX\™܈HZHXۚXYY]][H[X[\H[H[[H][ۈYY]\܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋHۙۈZY\ٝ[X[HYY]܂Z[[^Hۈ[ܝ[[ۈ]BHHX[[ H \H H KۙۜZY\˘˝Z˂^YZЕX]X\X[\\BYY]]X[YH[[ݙ[\[X\X\X[\[[ЕY[H[\ۛY[ \] LKMX[KH^ ]YZ\H\0͌܈HۙBٙX[\[ۈ܈0L [^H MHX[\H^\]H][^HX[]H][[ۈH[X[H\[[X[\˂[ H H L[K[H\0܈Y[X\0H܂ۈY[X\˂Z\[H\Z[ݙ\[^Kx&[HݚY[H]]Y[[ܝق]Y[\ۙ\][^HRHX][H ˌK[ LH H L\K[H\YKH\وYH]H]\8$^XX\]X]\[Z\\ۋX\HXX[[K\]\XH[^[X[H\[[ \H H [K[H\YHYܙHKYHY^\H\[ L[ š]]X[x&]H[XH]X[\[HXZ[\[H H [K[H\YKܜHYX]\\]XYHۙۈ]š[Y[[Y\[\[]\[˂[H H [K[H\0͈YܙH L\K0Y\^ LK M] ۈ L [ ‚K ̌ M M ‚