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Arts: books I It’s a nice theory, but probably untrue. Probably. t was bound to happen sooner or later. After What we know for certain is that Bowie died leaving two publishing four novels, which are probably best new works for us to ponder – the album Blackstar and described as black comedies, I’ve finally gone over the musical Lazarus. The show played in New York last to the dark side. My new book The Black Path is a December and opens in London later this year. It’s based crime novel. And so it was that I recently found myself in on the same novel that inspired the 1976 Bowie film The Harrogate for the annual crime festival. Man Who Fell To Earth. But with a title like Lazarus, it’s Theakston’s Peculier (sic) Crime Festival was founded hard to escape the feeling that this is another one of his 12 years ago by ‘queen of crime’ Val McDermid and little jokes. “Look up here, I’m in heaven” he sings on the friends. It’s grown enormously. Most events attract song Lazarus, which features on the album and in the audiences of 700 people or more, and the queues for musical. I’m not remotely book signings stretch for “Val McDermid is famously supportive of religious, and I don’t miles. Crime fiction is clearly other authors. Asked why, she said simply: expect him to rise from big business, but what ‘I take the view that because someone buys the dead, much as I’d really struck me is how nice love for that to happen. everyone was. Everyone another writer’s book, that doesn’t make But I am hugely excited I met was so friendly and them any less likely to buy mine.’ about seeing Michael welcoming. In fact, I’ve It’s a great outlook.” C Hall bringing Lazarus never encountered a more to life in the leading role. I can’t think of anyone better supportive community of writers. suited to embodying Bowie’s other-worldliness than the There’s a theory that crime writers put all their star of Dexter. And if the few clips I’ve seen are anything nastiness into their books and are therefore far less likely to go by, London is in for a treat. to stab you in the back. And because crime fiction is one of those genres traditionally seen as a bit lowbrow, Bowie made a virtue out of strangeness. “Turn and face there’s a complete lack of snobbery. I can’t tell you how the strange” he sang on Changes. So I wonder what he’d refreshing all this is. I lost count of the number of people have made of Stranger Things? This Netflix who offered to help promote the book when it comes series is the most talked about TV show since out next month. I think Val McDermid summed it up Happy Valley. Every day my Facebook feed best during an event. Val is famously supportive of other is filled with people remarking on how authors. Asked why, she said simply: “I take the view wonderfully addictive it is. Several that because someone buys another writer’s book, that friends of mine stayed up all night doesn’t make them any less likely to buy mine. So there’s binge-watching all eight episodes. nothing to be gained by not being supportive of each Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder other.” It’s a great outlook, and one which shapes the and Matthew Modine, though the festival she co-created. real stars are the child actors, notably The prize for crime novel of the year went to Clare the actress who plays the girl known Mackintosh for I Let You Go – a brilliant book and a very simply as Eleven. I won’t say too deserving winner. Last year it went to Sarah Hilary, whose much about the plot, but if you’re Marnie Rome books feature a gay black detective called a fan of early Spielberg, Stephen Noah. If you haven’t read them, you really must. Hilary King and John Carpenter, it’ll is a terrific story teller and I defy you not to fall head be right up your dimly-lit over he [[ݙH]Z H\YH\BY] H]YB]Z[XH]H\ۈH^KH[[œ][[Y]YYH\۸&]XY x&Y]HY[[ܝYYY[&]Z]܂HYH]H\ˈ[وH[Y[\HXۙY^H\HX\[Hۙ܈H\[YKYB\Y\˂\X\YHXY[H\XHZ\Y]]\X˂\H[\Y[YY[]X\H܈[&]]H\XHHXۙۛH\Y[Z[\ܙX]H[\YB\Y\XX[H\˂۸&]HYYHYx&\X]H]Hܘ[[^x&\\O\]HH\[]\\][ܜK\B^B\HH]XH^\[ۜˈ[H]HHܙX][&]\[ۈوܜˈZ[[ۈY\XH][ۈš\][ۋ]܈H[\ [H\YH[\›X]H\[\Hۈ[X]H[H[HHܘ\[[[˜\[[Y[˂ZH\\x&\Y[Hو[X]]YYHۂ[X[YYXH][K\x&\][H[ܞH[[^O[]H\YZ[HXXوH[]\B\H\H[X[B]\YHY&]YY [KXܚXH[]Y\[ۜY[[\Y \[HZ\H[[H[]K]Y[Y\ۂX\KY[ۙK[YB[[H[[X\ L[HR[&]]B\x&[H[ܙHBYX]H]\K][\][΂&XX\&Hۂ[X^ۈ[YKHYYY[\\\]\[^Y\8&[\[&H[\\[XB\[‘Z[X\]H[ ][\\[[Έ8&X[Z[&BHX[B[[Y[ق[H[[\’H\؜\Y][ NN \ۙH\[\H\ []8&\H\XX\[[Y[8&[\[&K]HBY[[ۙY˜YX]H]\Y\\‚Hܞ\[B]\[ S[ܜ\‚œBBB][\XY[΂ܝ[ܙ[&\›]8&ݙB\Y[‘۸&]XY8&Kx&]BY[H[و\ܚ][[B\\ݙ\[š\ۙۈ\BX[HYX\˜Yˈ\\\\ݙ[ ]^[۝ ^ LK M][\ۈ L [ BK ̌ M MB