Boyz Magazine 1300 - Page 21

in pictures p28 p22 Brighton Pride Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August Brighton Pride once again proved itself to be one of the most colourful, fun-filled and fabulous Prides that Europe (and the world) has to offer. The Parade showed that this was a day for celebration, unity, solidarity and equality, and with the sun shining it was also a great day to be gay beside the seaside. The Parade itself featured an eclectic mix of drag queens, muscle boys, gay Muslims, charities and representatives from the police force and public services. Think feathers, sequins, rainbow flags, human rights, whistles and a gay Jesus and you’ll have an idea of how great a day it turned out to be. The festivi Y\[\ۈ\\H]\]\\Y[ܙ[\\[YH\[\HX[\]][]\ܛX[\H]\X\ \\YH[\HYH\[[۝وHYHܛو[ZY][\\YX\\Y]HۙBX[H[Y[X\][B]\^H ]Y\YۈYHY&]Y\HX\[Z\YZ\\]^HH\HX\X][]]\X[Z^وHX\K\H[B\H\]܈HܙX][YK]\[ۙH\[H[܈H TYH\H[[]\Y\] [^[HY[]Y؜ۈݚYYH[\]\[\\X]H[\܈HYوH\]\X]H^Y\^\˂  YۈYHY\\Y\[YH[YH\B]\^H [[^H ]Y\P[[Y\]PKVB]\^H ]Y\]\^HY]X][]\\\P[[Y\ܚHܛ[H[H܈H][و\][HHܞKH[&]YH[ۛY[\X]Y\H[X[ۈق\ܙX]\]8$H[&][Y]Hx&\Y[[[[HH\ŒL8$[HPKVH^\[\[&]][Yو\][B[\و\ۙΈP[[H]H]][O[ۈYH\]\^H\HHX[\\ۚX\B]\[X[[K\[\\XHX [Y]Z\]œX\[XY[[HZ[YKPKVHۙ\[[\\[^H\]\ZYوHX΂'^H\H[\HX[[X^[x'HH[&]YܙYH][B[ܙK\[^KY\H[[[وYۈYH[\ۈ\HXYYX[H]H[H܈H[ [ۈYو\Z[˂]YHX\[H\Yۈ܈HYق TYH\Z[]ۘܙK[KY^Hۛœ\KH\H[HX[\Z^Y]H[YۚX[˜[Hو]Y[\HXYKݙ\[H\[Y[XقY[HZ^و[[[\܈]\[^\[\YHXH\XY[XYH\HH\[\ [ۙۋX\YX[YH[]YY\][ۈX[\Y[[Z\ۈYۈYHY]]\X\\\™[X[\\Z\\Y\[H\][ H[^KHYH[YH\HY[YY\Y\[]\HX]\\ܚ[\Y]YY[\H\Y[[Z\\]Z[Y[\KH\\H[H\\H[\܈B[YKYۈYH\[]ۘHHYX\[\[ݙ\YH[ۙ^H\HX[XH^H܈X[[X^[YZ[ ^ LK MH[X\\ L [ BBK ̌ M MN