Boyz Magazine 1300 - Page 16

The PrEP debate PrEP – courts, campaigns and homophobia by Yusef Azad A re we really not there yet? How long does it take the NHS to come to a decision on PrEP? Too long, I’m afraid, but we’re a bit closer now than we were a week ago. The High Court, on Tuesday 2 August, decided that NAT was right to challenge NHS England abandoning its work on PrEP. The judge agreed with us conclusively and comprehensively on every point of law. NHS England can commission PrEP and must now resume its process to decide whether or not to do so. We’re of course delighted and proud of what we have achieved, but it’s not over yet. And with eight gay men getting HIV every day in the UK, we need your help for the final push to get PrEP available to all who need it. So what happens next? There will be a public consultation on PrEP for a month we pay for this or so, starting very ‘lifestyle drug’ soon. Any Boyz readers for promiscuous can put in their views gay men instead in support of PrEP and of treatment for more information will cancer or cataracts be available in due or children with course on the NAT cystic fibrosis? website and in Boyz also. Inexcusably, After the consultation this line was comes the key decision encouraged by NHS England itself in some of its by a committee of NHS statements to the press. Of course no decision has England – CPAG (the yet been made either to fund PrEP or not to fund Clinical Priorities Advisory Group). We are confident of anything else. the strong case for PrEP as another prevention option to But in any case pitting, in competition, treatment for add to condom use. It must be cheaper to pay for PrEP gay men against treatment for children – the implicitly when it