Boyz Magazine 1300 - Page 14

The PrEP debate Diane Abbott MP and the politics of healthcare Member of Parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, and Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Diane Abbott, on why healthcare access for the LGbT community is front and centre of Labour’s agenda. 14 A ccess to healthcare is a test of a society’s values. It tells you who is important to that society and it tells you about who is included in the vision for that that society. You might hear some people say that we have to stop politicising healthcare. But there’s nothing more political than access to healthcare. For some of us it is literally a matter of life or death. This was amply demonstrated last week by the response to the High Court’s verdict that the NHS is responsible for commissioning the life-saving pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) drug, Truvada. This is a drug which reduces people’s chances of being infected with HIV by up to 92-99% if taken daily. A drug that will save lives and improve the wellbeing of gay men in this country. But the High Court’s During my time as Shadow Public Health Minister, decision was met by a savagely homophobic response in I learned of the critical importance of trust between the media. Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff had a discussion LGBT healthcare users and their healthcare provider. headlined: “Free £20million HIV drug for gays who won’t NHS England’s shameful decision to publish, just after use condoms?” The Daily Mail front page blared: “NHS told to give out £5,000-a-year lifestyle drug to prevent HIV the historic PrEP verdict, a press release that began by singling out “men who have high-risk condom-less sex – as vital cataract surgery is rationed”. The Mail’s headline with multiple male partners” was a devastating blow to writer added “What a skewed sense of values”. the gay community. I am enormously proud of Labour’s legacy on LGBT As the Shadow Minister for Health in Jeremy issues and the collective action across all parties that has Corbyn’s Cabinet, the issue of healthcare access for BY][Y[[\Y][YH][Y&]Е[][]H\۝[[Hو\Y[K[\HXY]XK]H[Y[[Bx&[H\X^YYHHݙ\Y[8&\Z[\\܈Y\8&\T\X\Y[H\Z[š\Z\[]ۂ\K[]ZXHB'x&[H\X^YYHHݙ\Y[8&\Z[\\˜[ܝ[]H™X]H\[X[\H\™܈\Z\[]ۈ[ܝ[]BZ[Y\]\][\YHYHZ\Z\H^H[][]K[Y[ؚXKZ[Y\]H^H[][]K]Y[\][BH\H\]X[]Y\Y\܂]Y[\][H\\[ۈ[™\\[ۈ[\[][ۙKH[\܈]\\[\ˈ^HY[܈]\\[\˂X^[܈وۙۋ[B]\Y[]^H\H]^HY[]\Y[][XY][\\\˂^H\Z\ܜ˸'B^H\H][Y[X\[[ۙۋ^H\Z\ܜ˂H[^و]HXZ[[]\YZ&\\Y[[ܙH[]]Y[H][XZ[HXZ[[\ZYۋ]Hۙ[ܛ\YZ[ۙH[\ݛH]YH[\YHXX\H\[[H]]KB\\\]YH^H[][]Kۙۈ[]X]]HY۞HZ\[X[Y[][X[ܙY[SوH\[HY[\8$]Z[&\œ\\\][۝YK[[[K[\HܞH[YB\\U\]H8$\ۙY\XN8'HYXXHقZ[\\Hݙ\Y[[XY\]X[X\XYKBT\[]Y[\^X[ܚY[][ۋۙBXX\HZXYو]XX[[[x&[HۙY[\H܈\و^X[\\ˈ[[]^HY[]HXX\HZ[YH[\]X[X[\H܂\Hۙ\\[[[ۘ[Hݛ]]KHЕ[][]KX[^\\HX\[]T[HR[[ؚXٙ[]H[[X\]K'B[[8&\X\[ۈ\X[H[X\\H YYX]K\HY][YHوۙHU[X[ۂ[[\ܚ[K]HY\8&\X\[ۈ\HY[[ۈ]\YKH\0 ]HZ[HXZ[8&\œ[Z[\]HЕ[ݙ[Y[\H\[Y[ܘH[ݙ\[X\8']H]Y[Hو[Y\'H8$BH^H[][]H\H[[Y[[YXZ]Bܚ]X\H\YۈZYXKۈHܙY[ܘ[Y[Y[Y][]HZ\]\˂]\XH[ M[XH[H˂^ LK MMTX[HX L [ BK ̌ M M΍M‚