Boyz Magazine 1300 - Page 12

The PrEP debate The importance of PrEP by Mike Freer MP Conservative Member of Parliament for Finchley and Golders Green, and Chair of the All-Party Group of HIV/AIDS, Mike Freer, on why evaluating PrEP should be based on clinical effectiveness, not prejudice over life choices. 12 T approach to PrEP nationally, was challenged by the High he science isn’t in doubt, the costs are plain Court. Mr Justice Green ruled NHS England could fund and simple and the scale of the impact this the drug. However, with a way open for an appeal, NHS could have in reducing HIV rates across England have vowed to challenge the ruling holding the UK, would represent the biggest to their belief the drug is preventative and not a cure. breakthrough in a generation. Of course I am talking This is correct: it’s not a cure, nor is it a vaccine, but it is a about PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis). A drug which significant part of a toolkit to reduce HIV infection rates when taken has been proven to reduce the transmission which continue to rise. of HIV by over 90%. The response from The debate over this “What has been made clear during this NHS England following controversial drug has entire episode is funding for PrEP is more the decision was callous been ongoing for many controversial than it would have been had and unprofessional. They months. NHS England had this been about a drug not linked with sex. argued the ruling could agreed to fund medical And that’s because there is a YXH]XY][[܈\X[[T\H[YH[[YۂHRZ\܈B۝X[UY][[\]YH[K[Y[H][\Z[H[XX[™HH NN ˈ\YXHYY[ 'BYX\^XY[H[]Y]\[[\ݙHHX[و[[Y\[H\X[YK[\ZYۙ\\HۙY[\YܙH]X\ˈH[HZ[HYHXY]\\\“[[\HZ[H[HYYX[œ[Z[\[وܚY\X\Y[RQ\X[HX[[]X[[Z[\\[[XYHۙ\YYH NN ˈH\[Y[\]Z[XYۛY][YX[[HTˈ]\[X^H\YX\U[RQY\ۈHY\[HXK[YB\XYHH[[[Y[][T\\\[HYK]H[\H[X]\H][]]HYˈ]YX[][HB[\\X\HXYۛYH\Z[YHX\œ\ۜX[]Hو[]]ܚ]Y\[Z\[ۈ[[˜[H[YK܈ۙKH۝X\]H[ X\\™܈T ][]]H\TX][Y[ۙ[\H[“\YZ[[8&\X\[ۈX]H]˜[\\[\\ܛZ[\X[\\B[[[\YܙH\H[X[H[[[YۈHY[HX[؛[\X]\H^B\Hݙ\ZY YH\YHZ[[[T\ ][&]KHZ[]\H[YH\]Z[X][›ؙ\]H[[[[\]Z][[YX[][\X] H[[][][[\ ]H[وH^KH\H[[X[B[[\YHH\HHYXH[™][[H][[HHZ[X\[ۜ]]Z\X[]\]\]XZHY[ۙB\\\[ۛH]]X\H[\[[ۈ[][\\X[\X][ۜX[Hۙœ[[[\[H^^Y\][[ܙHX] HوT\\[H0 \\ۈ\[۝ \[0L LZ[[ۈ\YX\\\]YBۈ[HY&\][^\\[ N [ܙ[ݙ\[[\Y[YX][][XY8$B\XX]]X[\[H\ۜXH܈XZ[T8$š[\ݙH]XKY[H\\H]]HY][YBوX][Y[ۙH]U[H\H[][\[X]Y0̌ ݙ\0L \HZY]BY[[و\\XHH\H\Z[[[\K]\Y[XYHX\\[\[\H\\B\[[܈T\[ܙH۝ݙ\X[[][]HY[Y\Y[X]HY[Y]^ []8&\X]\H\H\HYXH]XY˜۝X[UY][[\]YHH NN ˂][X]\H\YX^HY[[ܙH[]\š]\^X[Y[\YXHYY[ [[$\Y\HHXY8$YYY]ۙH]و]Y[\YZ[[\^H\YH\]X[]X][ۈوH[Y\[H\XX\XYۛY]H\XH\X\HH][وZ\ۋ]H^HX[۝XYUX]\HH[H\ۜXH[Y\HHۙK]YH[[H۝X\]H[ H[[T [[܂Y[ۛH]\H\Yۈ[X[][X][ۋYX][\[H[\XۈY]H[ܙHY[KXXۙHوHܚ]\XH]HY[Y][^HZ[[܈]X\ۈ[[[[ݙH[H\X[ۂو[[T ^ LK MLZZHY\T L [ BK ̌ M MB