BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 9

S oon, grayed hair old man in white frock coat, dappled with pink and blue needlework opened the door. Round glasses blocked most of his face, but his benign smile was so pleasant that I immediately become friendly minded toward him. “Come in, come in!” he said with his harsh voice and showed me long hallway behind him. I entered the house after him and when we stepped into the living room, doctor showed me to sit into a smallish and dusty, but very comfortable chair, coated with red plush. “How are you today, Miss? Do you have something to offer? There, you see…” doctor talked in rush, opening big showcase which stood behind me. “Here I have a wide selection of nerves. Take a look at this yellow one!” showing yellowish, slimy pendant which floated in transparent water of suspicious origin. “That one is for your working colleagues. You take that nerve and no colleague can upset you! I hope you don`t work in woman colle- ctive, this nerve does not work on female colleagues. And take a look at this orange one! Well, that one is my baby, my personal invention. As soon as you take it, slow people at the cash register will not upset you. On contrary, you will be so polite towards them that they will even let you come first in the line! Some buyers were thrilled letting me know that not only they let them pass in front of the line, but the ladies at the cash register would not charge them. Miracle, my dear, miracle!” Old man puddle showing me his nerve inventions and I just stared at him waiting to tell him why I came in the first place. “Come on, honey! I want to exchange. You must have some interesting nerve! Maybe some of them are related to those high school bullies in city transportation? Or for annoying counter clerks? Or something even better? Oohh, I don’t know what can be better than nerve for counter clerks, but come on! Try me! I want to hear!” 9