BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 81

CALL FOR ARTISTS The association of “Art Boulevard” and website “Art Boulevard” invite all interested in participating, with an affinity for art and culture to join a growing team of creative artists who participate in the creating of “Art Boulevard” website. In order to spread the idea that we represent, the whole project with its additional parts such as “Boulevard” online magazine, “Arterium” network, etc. we made as non-commercial and free to use. To achieve this, we need the help of those who are willing to bring a part of their creativity in this story. NOTE: The project is voluntary. We are currently working on gathering the creative team that would participate in the development of the online magazine. The positions which are in need of the help of our assistants are following: Team for creative writing – journalists (reporters and permanent assistants) Translation team - translators in English (permanent correspondents and collaborators) In the team for creative writing we gather authors who would work on the preparation of text materials for the magazine. The team for creative writing is intentionally named so because of the specific approach to writing articles that differs from classical factual-journalistic approach. The emphasis is on the copyright subjective view with absolute freedom of speech and opinion. All participants will have the opportunity to work with professionals in the field and, therefore, will have the opportunity to gain new experiences. Previous experience is not necessary. Translators work on translating the texts for the English edition of “Boulevard” magazine. You need a good knowledge of the language (preferably Students of Faculty of Philology, etc.). You can participate in two ways: Permanent staff - this team joins people with a place of residence in Belgrade. Permanent assistants or regular members of the editorial staff, as we call them, actively participate in the creation of content and concept of the magazine. They are required to attend meetings of the editorial staff once a week (Friday or Saturday afternoon) where is discussed and agreed upon everything about the realization of the project. Correspondents – to this team usually join people with the place of residence outside Belgrade, and the boundaries and limitations do not exist regarding the location where you are, because the overall communication of this team is performed over the Internet. All persons older than 14 years from all over Serbia can apply. Correspondents with the editorial staff communicate electronically (e-mail, facebook, etc..). All correspondents will receive recommendations and the possibility to include results of their experience in portfolio and gain benefits when applying for a job. The way in which the whole thing works is simple and non-binding. The duration and extent of your participation is determined by you. Each participant is presented on the website as one of the members of the creative team. Volunteering application can be downloaded on the website “Art Boulevard” ( 81