BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 77

Maybe that’s why the roads of our city are seen as a common theme on your photographs and sometimes they are substitute for the photo studio. Why do you like Belgrade and what there is in it that moves and inspire you? I couldn’t choose now what I love the most, whether studio or street. But the big problem of the fashion studio is that, for me personally, I have not had the experience of working in enough large studios that gives you a variety of possibilities. On the other hand, the clients often do not have the budget for the scenery that in the studio could be made, and then we use existing ones. Belgrade is visually very interesting because it is so different, because it was rebuilt, reformed, old and new, because it shines and decays and gives a lot of opportunities for work. We know that today everyone is the photographer and artist, with its modern gadgets and fancy expensive cameras. What is that one piece of advice for the truly talented young people, future big photographers? As one musician said to me, whom I chasing to teach me to play the trumpet, “We will settle that you come over, to look, to talk and for the beginning to convince you not to do that.” All joking aside, the photography is very nice but expensive “sport” in addition to the money that can be put aside requires great dedication, time and work. The basis is to love, and not just love, but also to live accordingly to your work. You have to know what you’re doing and to feel it. You can not be a fashion photogra- pher if you are not interested in fashion, as I could never be a good sports photographer because I can not tell the difference between a football and polo. When I was investigating a bit our interlocutor, thereby knowing from previously for his work but not for his musical past, I was pretty surprised with that fact in his biography. Amazed, my first question was: How come you came to fashion photography after rhymes, man? Briefly thinking he replied, “Because in the fashion photography you have the most artistic freedom, and thereby it soothes and feeds my demons.” And that is what makes one passion, if you are lucky enough, into a business. Passion that can calm down your demons and throw you right into their arms, of course, all depending on how you manage it. However, if you stand firmly onto the ground, and you have the right sword, fairy protector and qualities like dedication, commitment and courage (which in addition to the talent have to decorate one successful artist, scientist, writer, man) and then you can turn from the ordinary mortal into whatever you want or imagine. Written by: Maja Gvozden Design: Ivana Zotović 77