BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 76

than fitness, so fashionably to speak, to use it more as a means of transport than as a sport recreation. After a little research I realized that something similar to what I had imagined in our country it can’t be bought, and abroad it costs a few thousand dollars, so I decided to make it by imagination. The process is not very difficult, but it is not easy if you, like me, know nothing about it. I have a big amount of bought parts that stand aloof in the garage because they did not fit to the frame that I have. Whilst I have learned while I have figured out what I want, more than 6, 7 months I was making that bike. In fact, I am still making it! Even today I should go to a repairman to change one part. But it’s a huge delight when after everything you sit on that bike, as they say in the commercial, “priceless”.