BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 74

Of five solo exhibitions, definitely I would single out the second “Not for Sale”, which deals with the theme of prostitution and trafficking, and the third, “3818”, which deals with the position of young artists in Serbia. These two exhibitions were somehow completely in my hands, as opposed to, for example, the first one that was at the initiative of the university professor and which, although it will remain in a good memory, it does not take a special place. And “Not for Sale” is actually my first project of this kind and it began as a technical experiment. I work by feel on any of my private project, and I start from some research so as to come to the final idea, and so the “Not For Sale” in the beginning was only the experiment of double exposure. From the start they were supposed to be portraits overlaid with streets at night and so it was written in a notebook with ideas, but that idea just stood there. After going to Arles and after familiarization with the exhibited works, I realized that the double exposure must have a stronger concept, it has to be semi-act for the provocation and there all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. The act with those streets that made out of the ordinary streets the hidden alleys and created the start of the topic “Not For Sale” in its attempt to explore the problem of prostitution. You mentioned the Arles festival that you visited, which was a significant starter of your dealing with conceptualism. What fascinated you the most on this journey and what do you still have a memory of? On the Arles photography festival we went organized after the first year of college. Then I was just slowly getting in touch with some new things, but then happened something completely new. Besides the travelling and beautiful stories with colleagues, the 74 | Arles has opened for me whole new horizons, I met some areas of the photography that I’ve never seen before, and which directly contributed that my idea, in addition to a regular technical research with portraits and double exposure, turn into “Not for Sale” project, as I said. One thing without you can not get a good photo? Do you remember some good photos that have occurred accidentally and spontaneously? The idea and persistence, the two most important things. I honestly do not remember when it was the last time when I took a picture of someone spontaneously. Facebook turned us all into a real posers and photography turned me ... first I can think of is the one that a friend of mine made at his apartment in Nis couple of years ago. The ugliest and the most beautiful side of the fashion world? People like people, everywhere there will be diverse. I must admit that I came across of all sorts of experience in dealing with people especially in the fashion world, but every coin has two sides. I got interested for the fashion photography for another reason, which it was not really clear in the beginning, and that is the fact that fashion photography leaves the most space for art, idea and creativity, unlike some other commercial photographs so I try not to look so much on the bad sides, but to do what I love in the best way I can. What are you doing when you have no work, how you rest and relax?