BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 70

Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (Half-Life serial) Better known as ‘gravity gun’, the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator is one of the most fun and potentially most brutal weapon at Gordon Freeman’s disposal (except maybe for the pheropods). The primary action activates an energy ray, used for clearing the obstacles, but does not have a bigger impact on the enemy zombies, monsters and other creatures brought by the Combine. However, combined with the secondary action (catching objects such as cars, barrels, circle cutters, blades), it becomes a very powerful weapon when fighting from a distance, since it doesn’t need any ammo. Noisy Cricket (Man in Black) When K saw J off, he gave him this funny excuse for a gun, telling him to be careful not to hurt himself. Of course, who would have thought that such a tiny thing is powerful enough to burn a whole tree and push J back. Based on an unknown technology, functioning on an undisclosed principle, still it kicks ass: the weapon of choice of every honest, god-fearing American Southerner. Written by: Nikola Mironija Design by: Nikola Radivojev 70 |