BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 6

A Goodbye, a Warning, and a Few Wise Words Editor’s Note: Saša Matić C hoosing a single moment, situation or idea that could mark the beginning of this project and define it in time and space is equal to counting stars with your eyes closed while you’re being tickled by a gang of dwarf pirates on speed. Everything has its course, and we, guided by our own decisions, partially shape the destiny that follows us. And, while I’m giggling madly at my own jokes because others became inured to them and are making a great effort to ignore them, I am writing these last lines as the chief editor of the Boulevard. This is not a pathetic farewell because I’m not going anywhere, I’m simply withdrawing to my natural habitat, a leather chair, from which I will, as the director of the magazine, observe as Boulevard slowly makes its first independent steps. In the place of the chief editor comes a person I have a lot of confidence in. In the next issue, she will introduce herself in her own characteristic Tim Burtonesque way, so any further details are unnecessary. I am hereby publicly warning her about a disobedient horde of scribblers guided by Aga-Becir-Six, and about a gang of Milka Canić’s descendants with third-degree black belt proofreading and translating powers, and about a group of emotional punkers with a touch of illustrative and graphic creativity, under the leadership of Blueberry-Beer-Bahne. As the main weapon I recommend her patience and large amounts of chocolate bars. They’re a little spoiled and stubborn, but take care of them because your life will never 6 | be more fun and your job more creative than when you’re working with them. The words art and culture can sound dangerous if you pronounce them pensively in front of a large group of people. Many will tell you that for the proper use of these terms you need special equipment, which you cannot afford. Or that their expiration date in this region passed a long time ago. Stale or not, we have been chewing these sinewy terms over for a while now and it has never occurred to anyone to spit them out. Despite all the warnings around us, we continued walking down this road, unmarked on the maps of Serbia, only to realize that in the end much better things awaited us than we had ever expected. Boulevard exists and will continue to exist as long as there are those who will tread its path. You don’t need a passerby to show you the way. Close your eyes and let your imagination lead you. Have a nice trip!