BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 59

My mother and father were very supportive of my artistic tendencies from the moment I could hold a crayon. In my later childhood I fell deeply in love with comics, science fiction movies and in particular, the “Alien“ films. What is the last comic book you read? Hellboy in Hell 1-4. I love Mike Mignola’s gothic art style and dry sense of humor. What is the source of your inspiration? The human body. The beauty and complexity of our skin alone is endlessly fascinating. When you begin to consider the way our muscles and internal organs function and the way our bodies move, there is an endless source of inspiration to be found. You mentioned a day job. What do you do besides art and what are the things that keep you busy? I work in post-production at Technicolor on the Netflix team. We help supply Netflix with files for their streaming video service. Eventually I want work as a concept artist and creature designer for films. At home I love to spend time watching movies with my wife and playing with my baby, taking walks and spending time in nature. I am a huge fan of photography and filmmaking. You mentioned photography and filmmaking. Do you have any projects you would like to share with us? Not at this time unfortunately. In the future I wo- uld love to try combining my love of sculpture and character animation by expe ɥ