BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 57

very relatable as we are all intimately familiar with our fingers, teeth, eyes etc. With the Fleshlettes all of the parts of the body are rearranged to make something new. In this way I am using the human body as a sculptural theme or motif. I never met him but his paintings still hang in my father’s house today. It was really the fantasy super hero and science fiction movies of my youth that captured my imagination. I started out by drawing and painting my favorite heroes and monsters. What moved you first to devote yourself to art and when? Do you come from a family of artists? Can you tell me what your hobbies were as a child and what were the things that caught your attention? In my immediate family there was only my paternal grandfather who was a self-taught artist. He painted the Elk, horses, and bighorn sheep that he saw growing up as a child on their western homestead. I spent my childhood with a pencil in hand drawing Superman, the starship Enterprise, X-men and any other film and comic book character that I loved. 57