BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 53

the same person should experience Dear Esther! When he begins the hike through Lewis, the goal immediately becomes clear to the player: to reach the antenna, which illuminates in the distance, where from derives pristine motive for progress throughout the game. The only thing a player does not know is that the journey will be uninterrupted, which may negatively affect the player’s primary motive! ge his priorities - motion and visually become less important because it is more important what is being said. Certainly it is not possible to ignore all of these visual symbols: chemical formulas written with a phosphorescent paint, the Holy Scriptures scattered across the island, the paper boats in the shallows. Symbols only underscore what is being said, but they are not a crucial factor, because the situation in the game without narrative could not live. However, masterly visual thoroughness of the What is a secondary motive? The visual impressigame is, in fact, a way to cover the details! All these on. Wonderful sky with a variety types of clouds, direct connections of a spoken text and displayed the sea that is slowly stirring, vegetation carried images are convincing situacija u igri to have a ne the player bez naracije comtreba da proživi Dear Esther! Kada započne svoje presudan faktor jer by the wind. However, since the sightseeing ofigraču cilj odmah picture ofda živi. Međutim, maestralna vizuelna deplete bi mogla the game, when suddenly realizing pešačenje Hebridskim ostrvom, the postaje goal, the player has to taljnost igre contrast he da se detalji to perceworld does not lead to the jasan: treba stići do antene koja svetli u da- in the sea ofje, zapravo, način managed pokriju! that ljini, odakle him because there Sve te direktne veze govorenog teksta prikazanih move, but that does not satisfyproističe iskonski motiv za napretkom anthropomorphic silhouettes of ihundreds of ive kroz igru. Jedino što igrač ne zna je da će to putoslika ubeđuju igrača da ima kompletnu sliku o igri, is no obstacle (is there any need to quote Aristometers away, giving the da je u moru kontrasta uspeo vanje biti neometano, što može negativno uticati kad najednom shvati impression that he’s been tle’s poetics?). watched! Suddenly you realize that they metara na igračev primarni motiv! da uoči antropomorfne siluete stotinama are seen daleko, koje odaju vision”, that they even only in the “peripheralutisak da ga gledaju! NajednommoŠta je sekundarni motiv? Vizuelni dojam. Predivno shvatiš da se one vide samo u „periThe tertiary motive becomes the desire vrstama oblaka, more koje at certain moments, čak pokreću u for game’s ve nebo sa najrazličitijim fern