BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 49

and welded doors with the barbed wire and spikes. And, I forgot those laser-guided missiles. The stroke probably at some point has lost its nervs, so it returned in the same way. In reality, sometimes you can be shocked what can get out of a sweet, calm and good person when you irritate her. Or it might be because of the big contrast in the mood and speech, because the balance of that person is completely switched on the bright, good side, so when you disturb her peace it looks worse than it is. I have noticed that it didn’t tease the eagle. How come? It isn’t brave enough? The eagle represents the other type of people. Because of it big, frightening appearance and brutal strength, these persons scare everybody around them. But they couldn’t imagine to make a good first impression, because people usually avoid the meeting and getting to know them. In order to meet those people, it is necessary to neglect their appearance and look into their heart. Their outer look can really deceive, especially because today it can be easily changed. The eagle wants to be accepted, it wants to meet new friends, or to get closer with them, but it is very hard for him, just because of his outer look. The bigger problem is that with its occasional outbursts to his potential friends, because in its veins there is the blood of the prey and the insticts that it tries to get rid of in order to be accepted. I think that BRD respects it only for its look. BRD envies him for eagle’s strength and size, because it would like to switch the places with the eagle. The huge strength and the mind with the weird ideas- a wining combination. What would BRD responded if I would say to him that the acid rain would destroy its forest, and that the cockroaches would rule the world, and that my laptop melted while I was making up the questions for this interview? I’ll let BRD to answer you on this: I like massive extermination, but I hate acid cockroaches. And it would be better that you melted with your laptop as well, so I wouldn’t waste my time on you. All those who would like to find out more about Dušan, his works and to meet BRD better (even though he doesn’t want to meet you) can do that on the following links: Written by: Anđelka Mišurić Design by: Vojislav Nikčević 49