BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 45

tal distractions of the small, cute but irritating bird? If we look around us, we notice that people have changed a lot for ten years. The fast way of life brought the stress, traumas and the lack of time to eliminite all those. Everything influences on the mental health. It is enough to listen to the conversation between two nervous persons and you already have an idea for the comic. The inspiration has frequently come from the situations with the friends, family, from the work... It happens that some real life event becomes a comic, without any editing, but sometimes I think for a long time about some topic. I try to represent the idea with little words, so I go back to the story and edit it for several times in order to be concise, but clear. However, minimalism in words doesn’t work every time. Admit, how many times has it helped you to control your anger! I must admit it looks to me like a very attractive way of relieving. Do you give the vent to yourself on that way, or those are mostly good jokes? Hm, “ little way of relieving”... The each author brings in itseld what he creates. In the period when BRD was appearing, I was constantly under the huge stress. Everything that happend around me or in myself, createdd the huge pressure that it had to be reduced somehow. It was needed to say honestly what had created and pressured me, without hurting somebody else. As a means of expression I chose the comics, because I always relax myself when I draw, and I remembered of the rejected character of the bird, so I made him as a main protagonist. Now, when I think about that choice, I think that I have combined unconsciously the character of innocent appearance with the dark mind. It is now that I realise that there is a serious reason for that. That is how I started to work because of myself and for myself without any plans. (I know, it sounds egoistic, but it helped me a lot) The comic in the beginning was the vent for my frustrations. And now it is, but to a less extent than before. The all evil I couldn’t do or say in reality, I said through the bird. Of course, sometimes it happens that I have just snapped, and I don’t mana45