BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 42

- She’s black?! Search for the girlfriend, you should get married. - Yes, she’s black. She will celebrate one day St. Elijah. She will be a housewife in our house. - I say it cheerfully, to cheer her up. - Maybe, when pigs have wings. Get out, get some fresh air. - I don’t want to get out. - I’m sorry that your life is a machine. It’s not normal. - I live normally, do not jangle your nerves for nothing. we have never heard, does she want to meet us, to know who we are? What does she want, a ring from you? Does she want your children? What do you think, son? - I think that’s my thing. - I think that you are not aware of the reality. You have twenty-six years. You are a third year student! Never in your life have you worked for money. If at least you tried, that I would have understood. Pocket money you get from us. No, you do not have a normal life. Here comes dad: I do not know what’s wrong with you?! I HAVE A NORMAL LIFE! I have a great social life - friends and girlfriend. I’m going to college and got a great score this year. General knowledge is my area of expertise, I follow all the events in the city and in the world! Your student days are over, don’t you touch mine! Now I enjoy life, at least be happy for me! - You live normally?! You spend the whole day at home at the computer, or watching TV! You know by heart every TV show! You finished every game at least a hundred of times, you recite books without a single error. You have twenty-six years. That girl who we have never seen, whose voice