BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 40

-Misha, baby, open the door to your mom, I need to take out the laundry basket. -Misha, honey, wash the dishes while mom makes lunch, I can’t be late for work. -Son, great to have you here! Let’s go to grandmother Mira, we should paint the fence and cut the grass in the yard. 40 | I lose it! My brain is ready to explode, I’m going crazy! I’m sorry to say so, believe me, but as if they are doing it on purpose. I watch my TV show at that time. I cannot find the episode on the internet. Worst of all, I cannot tell them anything, they will begin to freak out. Even grandma began to worry. Okay, the woman comes from Jurassic era, I get it. She just doesn’t