BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 39

I ’m not agoraphobic. I do not know even if I have some phobia. My parents started to freak out about me not getting out, but what can I do when there is nothing that interests me particularly. They tell me to go to a party, like – I’m a student, I’m young, the years are passing by, and the stuff like that. What’s passing by? What time? I spend my time rationally. Instead of getting drunk outside, I do it at home. It comes to the same. My friends, Fernando, Kevin, Lee San and I play games, and then we make a challenge, like - whoever loses has to bottom up the beer. Madness, I swear. Some guys I know get drunk somewhere, all wasted, no one can get 911 from the first try. Horrible things… What else can happen? Like this, at home mom slaps me a couple of times and I am brand new. And why drink anyway? My parents are lucky to have me. The problem is that they don’t know how much they are lucky to have me as their son. They are afraid of the internet and television. They check the music I listen to and the comics I read. My mom waits a chance when I go to the bathroom; she thinks I didn’t notice it. She doesn’t watch crime series, so she doesn’t know that my mess I know best. I am one of those who cannot live normally. I’m constantly being bullied, for this or that... I too have a life. Especially my parents: 39