BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 37

Serbia, German in some part of France, Italian in the Slovenia, the wealth of major cultures with whom they live? Isn’t the common life, sometimes completely different language traditions one of the greatest cultural and civilisatian achievement that we are taught by our European magistra vitae. Does the worry for the minority isn’t the only way of keeping the endangered cultural inheritage? And the height of irony was that this happened in Croatia that lost the Dalmatian language- small Roman language used on the area of Dalmatia only about hundred years ago. The height of irony also was that the manipulation with the Cyrilic happened even in Serbia, where the highly educated youth doesn’t know the basic differences between the Slavonic (Old Slavic) and Serboslavonic language. In the end it seems to me that the issue of the Cyrilic isn’t observed through the prism of culture or scientific linguistics. Like many other culturological problems, this one was boiled down to the level of below-the-belt political discourse. That is what scares me most. Topics, that should