BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 34

Do you believe in the new generation of illustrators? I love street art… the only gallery I acknowledge is Facebook and the fence across the Block 70 – (the Chinese one) and the graffiti on it, I love the idea of stickers, once a week I find some child on the Internet who has better ideas than me! Of course I believe…I am not that silly! Do you have a message for them, something to say to them, give any advice? Don’t listen to anyone who is over 50, never take their advice (don’t listen to anyone no matter how old they are). Draw your own, there are no recipes, no rules, no good or bad drawings, we all draw our world, everyone is different, unique and because of that beautiful. I want to thank you for your time and the couple of exchanged words, I hope to meeting you again. You check is sixty five thous… Em, Mr Bob? Where did the man go? “This is not the illustrator you were looking for… this is not the illustrator you were looking for… this is the illustrator to whom you wish to pay for McDonald…” Written by: Branilsav Pantić Design by: Branislav Pantić 34 |