BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 33

You seem more active than ever, how do you achieve all that? That’s the Internet’s credit. You no longer have to give money to see a drawing, the drawing no longer lasts as long as the magazine. The web now enables everyone to see (almost) all of my drawings, those I am doing right now and the ones I am doing for a different target audience, and the ones I did thirty years ago. It’s not that I am more active, it is just that everything became more visible and accessible. Do you prefer to do your drawings digitally or manually? I draw by hand, on a regular A4 paper, with a thin black marker (0.2), then I scan it and paint in Photoshop 5.5… I think that version is from 1994.. because all my brushes, all tools and colours are adjusted there. I am preparing to sell my first-born and buy Cintiq tablet. 33