BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 30

Gledajte u kazaljke sata gospodine Bobe, i pričajte mi o početku? Oduvek sam crtao. Crtao sam na časovima likovnog, srpskog, matematike, u sveskama, knjigama, po klupama. Kad se škola završi bežao sam u kuću i crtao. Potpuno isto se ponašam i danas. Mrzim školice, mrzim lastiš, mrzim ćorave bake (izvini baba), mrzim fudbal. Crtam jer mi je to posao, kad završim posao, crtam da se odmorim, sebi za dušu. (malo preterujem , naravno, igram ponekad lastiš.) Whose work inspired you, or better yet, what drew you to drawing? I devour every fantasy book. I adore and respect SF books, all the film, all comics, as long they are fantasy (or science fiction, for me the difference is irrelevant). I just watch out I don’t run into (Danish) life dramas or an alternative European films about the essence of life. Is there anything which especially interest you apart from drawing? Have you always demonstrated the affinity towards asking the same questions? Fascinating really, em.. the blue or the red pill Mr Bob? It’s not the work. The books without drawings is what moved me. I found that horrible. The books about Tarzan were a perfect story for me and I couldn’t realise why there weren’t more illustrations. Later on came the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. I drew for myself, trying to draw the things I read. I weren’t inspired by drawings but by the fact that there weren’t any. When I run into a great artist, I am not inspired, I put the pencil down and I take up knitting until I calm down. Red! (if the Alzheimer isn’t messing with me, red is the reality). Dreams are boring. Man is passive, dreams and enjoys. Reality is there to be shaped. We don’t influence dreams, reality we can change every day, every hour, every moment. For me personally music is a great part of my life, what about you? How did you appear in the Politikin Zabavnik and what did that mean for you? I am completely tone deaf, without the feeling for rhythm and melody. On my computer there isn’t one song, I never play or listen to music. I choose taverns without music. There are song which I love but that is also because of the lyrics (on the level of grievingabandoned-housewife, it doesn’t matter – it is important that she is a bitch and I am miserable). Zabavnik is a legend. Zabavnik had the balls and the brains to educate, to bring up the people who had the balls and brains to educate and bring up us. Zabavnik respected and published illustrations of world and Yugoslavian and Serbian illustrators while my father was a kid. And all these years, decades it stubbornly, persistently, stupidly and thoughtlessly refuses to publish tits and asses, scandals and all other sorts of profitable rubbish. Since we’ve already covered music, there has to be some cinematic or literary influence? 30 | We continued talking, but stayed in our world, because we know there is no running away from reality, we can only ran away into the paper or our own thoughts. But, we moved on.