BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 24

Apart from these mentioned, among the other six students, stand out energetic Marko Grabez as Maradona, a “fallen” drug addict who, unlike most of the “colleagues” seems full of life but tormented for the fact that he has no space to express it, as well as a brilliant Marko Gizdavic as Mute, in prison for the rape, but in fact a big and misunderstood kid who by an attentive acting move draws attention to the bean plant which he raises in a pot and carry with him everywhere. There is also Dusan Matejic, cold and steady in the role of Doctor, the thief and the “brain” of the prison tribes. Strahinja Blazic as Black, the leader of the prisoners, Vucic Perovic as Pretty, a male prostitute in love with Maradona, and Milos Djurovic, play, more or less, typical characters, but they fit into the ensemble and show the potential to learn and improve themselves as actors. As the festival, unlike the ones from the previous years, has no selectors, but a team of young organizers, who have chosen the plays about the ones on the margin, in the same way the author team of “The man without mass” introduces us into a “forbidden zone”, showing us the world from whom society most often turns his head away and tries to forget that it even exists. In its premiere at the Ex Theatre Fest,