BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 22

prisoner Mute (Mark Gizdavic) is shown several times through the scene where the prisoners mimic the Boss Maksic (Milos Lalovic) while he performs a pointless medical examination for a mere bureaucracy so that Boss would repeat the same procedure to the letter. The same is Mute’s recall of the “hot rabbit” that serves as the initiation of prisoners in a violent prison system. And then again, the beatings among the prisoners are repeated under the conducting baton of Boss and his assistant Little (Milos Djurovic) as the punishment for the discovered escape plan. In the last scene of the play, the meaningless, endless repeated prison circle closes 22 | by arriving at its own beginning - the actor, whose character of the junkie dealer Maradona (Mark Grabez) is killed at the end by his fellow prisoners due to incorrect doubt that he ratted on the escape plan, had his head shaved as it’s done to a new prisoner with the same prisoner’s number. Another important characteristic is the duality and the strong impression that both, prisoners and guards, in the prescribed uniforms, are suffering. In the strong interdependence of each other, trough the play, not too explicitly but clearly raises the question of who is here for who. In the text this is indicated by the poetic Boss’s