BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 15

Luka: Space Eater will always be trash metal band with just enough influence of other musical genres to spice up the music and to remain the uncompromising thrash metal. With which band or musician would you like to achieve cooperation in the near future? Tihi: Uh ... I do not know ... For example, Nemanja Kojic Coyote (Eyesburn) as a lead singer with some solo trombone since he worked with a variety of the musicians of different genres, so I just wanted to see how it would fit with us and our music, but I do not think the other members tend to so much experimentation, ha ha. Luka: Of course, I would love to share the stage with some of my role models, especially with those who still maintain the level who have set in the beginnings such as Exodus, Anthrax, Heathen, Kreator, Hirax ... While it would be nice to get in touch with some of the smaller, newer bands and forge new fraternity. Recently you were on a tour, with what kind of the impressions you have returned and which audience pleased you the most? Luka: Tirol in Austria was probably the best day of the tour, people would not let us get off the stage in the literal sense. In addition, there were both great cities in Poland, Plzen in the Czech Republic. In Germany and Slovenia also was great. Only in Decin in the Czech Republic ... Well, there was no audience. That was probably the best ten days of my life. Tihi: The impressions are positive, and given that was our first tour, it underwent very successfully and I think that the audience generally in all countries reacted excellently on us and our music, I’m very pleased. 15