BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 14

Djordje: Haha, uh ... I study music production, but I see it more as a secondary activity, rather than something I would deal with ... I have some interest from the side which will hopefully develop in the future ... I see myself as a guy who is definitely dealing with metal in one way or another, and for the rest, we’ll see! Luka: I see myself working freely in my studio as a cameraman, producer and mixer, while simultaneously advancing with the Space Eater, something that gives my life “higher purpose”. Of course, I leave the space that might not all go so smoothly. Tihi: Besides music I have been doing graphic design and illustrations, and I see myself in the future as a designer, illustrator and musician. I hope to be able to reconcile these things without a problem, so far it is really going well for me, I’d like to keep it that way. How would you present and bring closer Space Eater to someone who is not familiar with you, which is your topic and what single you out? Luka: Space Eater is the trash metal band that draws on old school music from the eighties, but it brings a lot of new elements into the whole story. Older songs that Bosko sang resemble more on the American power metal and exude with the raw energy and spirit, but the new songs are a bit harder, more complex and musically diverse. It has now a death and black metal influences, and more impact of the other thrash metal styles. The thing that Space Eater certainly stands out from most of the other new thrash metal bands in the world is the emphasis on the vocals. Great importance is given to singing and vocal lines. Also, the text maintai