BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 13

kids bands, of which the first serious (i.e. the first with which we had the rehearsals in the studio, you can imagine) was the one where we all played together, Luka, Tihi and me. to what the band has to say. It’s great that there are still talented people, but it is known that the talent is only the prerequisite, and a lot of effort and work are what turn potential into a success! What experiences have you had with the music scene in Serbia? What is good and what would you like to change? Do you expect any positive change in the future? Luka: The music scene is miserable. I’m talking about younger generations of the underground scene. The Internet has completely taken the place of gigs and gatherings. If the gig is not free and not on Friday / Saturday, about twenty people will come. With honorable exceptions, of course. And the problem is that there are more bands than the audience. Đorđe: Um ... Hardly, many things need to be changed in order to get things back to proper state, but what to do. If any actor of the scene would start from himself and do all the things in the right way, all in fact would be possible ... But it seems to me it is rather a very long and arduous process, given that these ailments are present not only in our country but also globally! Now of course, in our country is more noticeable... Đorđe: I would say that the problem is that metal scene practically barely exists. The scene is not only about the bands that are playing for their soul (which are rather less as you go towards the younger generation), but also the audience, clubs, publishing houses, media that foster such a group of subculture, and in all these fields, the situation is very “thin”. It came to the situation where the bands are the audience to the other bands! It seems like that layer of the enthusiasts disappeared, who are there to support and listen Luka: No, on the contrary. Unless some miracle occurs. What else do you do besides music, and where do you see yourself in the future? 13