BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 12

Interview with the band Space Eater “Space Eater is the band that reacts to the happenings around them, whether it’s bombing in 1999, the fall of the Twin Towers, or the supremacy of the entertainment industry over the minds of average people.” - L. Matkovic Behold the Space Eater. One of the leading thrash metal bands in Serbia and beyond. What took you into the world of music and when you started dealing with this job? Luka: Already in the elementary school I was trying to put together a band, that always attracted me, but I didn’t managed to gather up people who were enough interested in that, until I found Tihi and Peki (guitarist of my first band). Ironically, I’ve “stolen” Tihi from the band which was founded by Djole. 12 | Tihi: My sister brought me into the world of music, to be precise, in one of the home parties someone from her crew had forgotten CD of Megadeth “Rust in Peace”; and out of curiosity I started listening to see what it was about, and in the first moment, the only thing that I liked was the opening part on the drum in the last song “Rust in Peace ... Polaris” which I was endlessly repeating, and somehow I felt, perhaps unconsciously at first, that the drum is the instrument that want to engage in. The first “band” (an attempt of the band) I had in elementary school with my current guitarist of the Space Eater, Djordje Lukovic where he was the only one who knew to play, and I was banging in the tympanum which he had at home, and in that way I started to deal with playing music. Đorđe: Unlike most of my coevals, as a kid I was “playing” with my dad’s records and above all the tapes, so that I can freely call my first step towards dealing with music (thanks, Dad). Then, when I was six years old, in summer break I went to my aunt in Tunis, where I got my first electric guitar and soon I began to attend the elementary music school, as well the private lessons. Then followed a series of