BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 11

“Well, is that even possible?!” I asked in shock. “Almost impossible, to tell you the truth. You need lots of patience, which is too hard for you, considering absolute lack of the nerves in your life; you cannot have much patience, right? Long period of time, effort, relaxing, and someone who loves you enough and who has enough of his own nerves to get through this with you in the recovery process. So, what will it be? What have you decided to do?” Doctor Nervusconi looked at me, smiling ear to ear. He took something like a drill and moved towards me. “Shall we crack the skull? Pick your nerves! Choose now! Get it while you can!” The drill roared in my ears until… *** The clock alarm went on. I twitched from my dream, turn the alarm off and looked towards you. You were sleeping thigh, with the smile on your face. I hugged you gently, trying not to wake you up and closed my eyes. I think you deserve that I try to recover my nerves. Written by: Katari