BOULEVARD Magazine No.4 December 2013 - Page 10

„Hardly, my dear. But not impossible. You are lucky that I’am dealing with something which is called nerve transplatation! Or of course, if you wish (God forbid) to stay without nerves forever...“ brain which is called nerve paradise. You know, nerves are durable goods, you cannot play with them. Every time when baby cries in the theatre – bam! One nerve is gone. Every time your mother say you didn’t do something good enough – bam! There goes even two nerves! Not to mention situations when your nail brokes, your button falls off, your hair get messed up, you trample into swamp, you don’t have a cigarette, you go to Tara....This was for the rime purposes, but, do you get the point? This nerves which I install, you must keep because they are very expensive, and since you didn’t succeed in keeping yours, I don’t know how will this work for you....Eh, Miss... You know, „Doctor“ in front of my name means that I’am the doctor and I mean real nerve doctor, but I’am not proud of the fact that I lost many of my nerves on all kind of nonsensness. Nobody is imune to outside factors which afftect our lives.“ „No way! What is nerve transplatation?“ “Have you done any surgeries on yourself?” „It is like this: out of my great collection, you will pick the nerves you like the most, I take them, then I open your scull and put them in tiny part of the “No, I have gone the harder way, and that way is called nerve regeneration.” I cough a bit and said: “You see, ser, the point is that I…. I don`t have any nerves.” You know, nerves are durable goods, you can’t play with them. This sentence was followed by hebetate strike of some kind of decoration which falls to the floor. Doctor Nervusconi took it in his hands and throw it away, just to evoke (even he dropped chilly breath of astonishment) drama of my situation. „My dear! That is horrible! Wait, I will pour some tea to calm you down!“ As he poured very aromatic tea in the cup, I asked him: „Is there a way for me to get the nerves back again?“ 10 |