The answer is yes you can, but first you should ask yourself 3 questions:

1)Am I going to injure myself?

No one knows your body and how it feels better than you, so if you feel any pain while exercising, just stop! Functional movements can be great for you. You just need to have more mobility and stability at first.

2)Can I do all those exercises?

CrossFit has given an impression that has made people believe that you need to be able to perform the highest level of movements and to test your maximum physical abilities everytime you workout. If a workout creates a demand that is too high for you to achieve based on what is prescribed, then it’s not appropriate.

3)Will this help me reach my goals?

It’s all regarding your goal, are you training to be healthy? or you want to be a pro athlete? In both cases, it’s never too late to reach your goal, so just start now!

Shellie Edington (Above 50)

Shellie started when she was 46 years old. She began CrossFit because she was 20 lbs over what she felt was her ideal weight. Edington went from not being able to do a push-up to winning the crossfit games.