Jay Parker

City of Birth/Current City:

Tampa, FL

How Long Have You Been Into Music, And What Was Your Attraction?

It depends on what you mean by “been into” music, I’ve always felt like music spoke to and for me. I remember watching my stepdad serenade my mother in the living by singing Rome’s “I belong to you” and blocking out the world when life got too tough by putting in my headphones and listening to music. If we’re speaking of making music as in writing and rapping, I’ve been writing for nearly a decade now, which is weird to say because I’m only 26 years old, but I digress. I didn’t get serious about my artistry until around a year ago when I decided I wanted to release music and pursue it full time.

What other talents do you have?

I don’t know if this qualifies as a talent, but I am pretty good at counseling. I earned my B.A. in Psychology and am currently enrolled in a Master’s program to get licensed.

Tell Us About Some Recent Events/Projects:

So, like I was saying last year, I decided to take my artistry seriously and released my first project titled “The Subtle Art of Heartbreak” it obviously dealt with heartbreak, and before releasing that, I formed a collective with some of my friends who are also artist, and we call ourselves “Chess Players and Poets”. Then on 6/19/2018 I released my Sophomore project “Wish You Enough” featuring some pretty impressive artist, and I’ve been gaining a lot of traction off it, I mean it’s how I caught BOSS CODE’s eye.

What Do You Like Most About Music And Creating It?

That is a loaded question, to summarize I think music gives us, give me. The opportunity to be introspective while at the same time offering a commentary on the world around me. At first, it started as a means of escape but has not evolved into a means to interact.

What Is Your Short-Term Music Goal?

Man, I would say that my short-term music goal. Is to continue to push this project I just dropped and to work at being better when it comes to the marketing side of the business. My mentor once told me that you got to do the 20% that is most grueling and difficult to enjoy the other 80%. So right now I continue to do that.

What Is Your Long Term Music Goal?

My long-term music goal would be to become a full-time artist in the sense of making enough money to support my wife and I. Continue to touch people with the music I make and hopefully do a world tour because that sounds like fun.

Who Is Your Favorite Artist/Producer past or present?

For artist man, it’s difficult because I don’t listen to straight rap music, so if we’re talking my top playlist artist it will be a mix between my boys Castaneda & Kid Candor and then Arctic Monkeys, Yons, Michael Jackson, Hiroyuki Sawano, Idina Menzel, and Hans Zimmer. As far as rap producers are concerned J Dilla, Yons, & 9th wonder are my top 3 easily.

What Type of Adversity Have You Had to Overcome In Your Endeavors?

Dang man, you guys know how to ask the tough questions. I would say the toughest thing I have had to overcome concerning my music pursuits would be dealing with friends who felt that I was too different in my music to be accepted. They in good heart, attempted to protect me from critiques who may not feel as passionate about the music I make as I do and although their intentions were good, they may have stunted my growth a bit.

Thus Far what is a standout moment in your career?

A stand out moment? Shoot, I think to be recognized and respected by cats I used to listen to growing up, for example, Philly rapper Japhia Life.

How Do You Stand Out Among Other Artists?

That’s a good question, especially with all the rappers that are presently out and in the day and age of social media. It seems like the bar for good rapping has been lowered and anyone can get on, I think there are a few things that differentiate me from fellow rappers. The first being my voice, I have a distinct voice that I’ve been complimented on several times by others. The Second would my ability to tell stories, similar to an old-school Lupe Fiasco. The third is my ability to be introspective and frame narratives around that introspection. The final thing, would be my authenticity; I don’t fake who I am or what I believe for anyone.

Tell Us A Fact About You:

I never stop making music, I’m always writing, so although Wish You Enough was just released. I already have eight tracks done and the title for my next project which is set to release sometime next year.

B.O.S.S. code stands for Business Over Social Stress. How can you relate that in your life and career goals?

I think again, keeping in mind that idea of the 20/80 rule. You do the 20% to enjoy the 80%, I keep that in mind and continue to press forward with that mindset.

Instagram: @therealjayparker

Twitter: @realjayparker