How Do You Stand Out Among Other Artists?

That’s a good question, especially with all the rappers that are presently out and in the day and age of social media. It seems like the bar for good rapping has been lowered and anyone can get on, I think there are a few things that differentiate me from fellow rappers. The first being my voice, I have a distinct voice that I’ve been complimented on several times by others. The Second would my ability to tell stories, similar to an old-school Lupe Fiasco. The third is my ability to be introspective and frame narratives around that introspection. The final thing, would be my authenticity; I don’t fake who I am or what I believe for anyone.

Tell Us A Fact About You:

I never stop making music, I’m always writing, so although Wish You Enough was just released. I already have eight tracks done and the title for my next project which is set to release sometime next year.

B.O.S.S. code stands for Business Over Social Stress. How can you relate that in your life and career goals?

I think again, keeping in mind that idea of the 20/80 rule. You do the 20% to enjoy the 80%, I keep that in mind and continue to press forward with that mindset.