Suddenly a vision sparks your brain; it’s so clear it gives you a moment of pure bliss and power. These moments can happen in the grocery store, at work, driving down the high way or any other random time in our lives. These visions and ideas can last anywhere from two minutes to a lifetime.

I often wonder how many people have talked themselves out of million dollar ideas just by allowing the human error of a second guess to creep into their mind. An Idea is a seed that can take hold of your heart and mind and find refuge in your soul. But what is also just as powerful is a seed of doubt and a second guess. Second guessing yourself can take you from the highest of highs fantasizing about your new idea and drop you all the way down to the ground where you tell yourself it could never happen.

Not only do we at times second guess ourselves but we tell others about our ideas that feel so real and they plant seeds of doubt. We must always remember that it is extremely none average to dream and even more none average when we take action to an idea that we hold deep. Most people in this society have thoughts and good ideas every day but they lack not only the belief in themselves but the belief that life can truly be anything you desire it to be.

Creativity isn’t always gained by long nights at the desk planning and stressing over your next move. I find that in my life my greatest ideas happen in a single moment like a gift from the sky. We have to understand that if this one single moment can touch us so deeply with a single thought that it can be the greatest seed we ever watered if we are willing. A lot of creativity is a magic that we don’t understand, it simply becomes a rush and wave when it hits us. We can’t ignore this magic; we have to understand that when it happens so effortlessly we must trust this instinct and use it for the power that it truly is.

In closing I want to remind everyone that creativity is power. Creativity is in every single product we purchase and it is the design of any and every culture. Everything was created and every day the next generation is slowly sculpted by the ideas and trends of today. I believe that every person has had a million dollar idea or an idea that could change the world but actions will always separate the thinkers from the doers. I suggest that all of my fellow entrepreneurs and independent people trust their instincts and sculpt the world around you with the great ideas and visions that are in your heart and in your head. Who knows what can happen when we decide to get up and march forward with full commitment with our dreams. At B.o.s.s Code our Motto is “Greatness is a Decision “and I would like to see more and more people wake up daily with a trust for their instincts and make that decision to be great.

Written By Desmond jackson II