Hialeah, FL currently residing in New Port Richey Florida.

How long have you been into music?

I’ve been into music since I was in elementary school. Something about hip hop attracted me as well. I listened to music that motivated me, and I related to.

What other talents do you have?

I am actually really good at magic tricks.

Tell us about some recent events/ projects:

I just released my second album called “East Wind.” It’s a project I’m really proud of. I worked very hard on it and it was without a doubt the most psychologically challenging work I’ve ever done. The album is essentially about death, and the inevitability of it. We cannot avoid it or run from it. All we can do, is live in light of that reality. And I believe there is a proper and improper way to approach life with this reality (death) in mind.

What do you enjoy most about music and creating it?

The ability to release pent up energy and emotion. The ability to create an emotional experience for someone else, and even myself. I love the freedom that comes with creating.

What is your short term goal?

To start a vlog and put out more music.

What is your long term goal?

To turn Chess Players And Poets (a collective with myself, Jay Parker, and Kid Candor) into a full blown label. Also, to do a song with J Cole.

Who are some of your favorite artists or producers?

So, as I mentioned I love Cole. I also have been inspired by Kendrick Lamar, Beautiful Eulogy, Josh Garrels, Big Pun, the list becomes more and more eclectic as it goes on! I have many tastes in music, I just happen to be good at rap.

What types of adversity have you had to overcome?

Well, most adversity I’ve faced has been my own insecurity. I grew up in a stable home and always had good friends, but I always felt insecure and that crippled me. I attempted suicide once, and that was the breaking point. I realized then that I wasn’t okay and needed help. I found that help at church. I couldn’t accomplish the things I wanted to because I was gripped by fear of failure and looking stupid. God has helped me with that tremendously in recent years.

Thus far what has been a stand out moment of your career?

I would say, performing at the Rotilla Festival. Being able to share the story of Angel Pardo, who was a political prisoner in Cuba, was an honor. I was apart of history that day! The first Rotilla Festival ever in the US! I believe most of my stand out moments in my career will involve advocating for freedom in Cuba. This is my core passion.

How do you stand out among other artists?

My music is introspective. In fact, everyone in CPP is introspective. We try to rap honestly and vulnerably. I personally believe what makes me different is what I’m talking about. No one in the rap game is advocating for Cuban freedom. It’s popular to talk about injustices here in the US, and I can respect that, but I don’t hear anyone talking about Cuba. You have Cuban rappers who rap in Spanish who do, but not in English. Not to mention many of those same rappers iconize Fidel Castro, and don’t realize the ignorance in that. I’m here to educate them. That’s what I want to be. An ambassador for my homeland.

What is a fact about you?

I love Halloween-Christmas season more than I love a lot of things. I hate summertime. Hate it.

B.o.s.s Code stands for Business Over Social Stress, how can you relate with that in your career goals?

I'd say that when you focus on your passion (business) you start to worry less about appeasing other people.