What type of adversity have you had to overcome in your endeavors?

When I was five years old, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus which I still presently have to this day. Systemic Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes your body to harm to itself, and this disease was supposed to have taken my life at 13 years old. I also felt as if I had to be the man of my house from a young age, which has added to my strong work ethic throughout my years of life.

Thus far what is a stand out moment of your career?

The first time ever hitting the stage in March of 2018, I won third place in The Showcase Tour in Dallas, Texas at the Prophet Bar. I had the whole building rocking with me, and had the crowd singing my choruses with me before it was all set and done.

How do you stand out among other artists?

I feel I’m bringing an aspect of real rap back. I’m talking about nothing but real life events, and stuff that I deal with in my everyday life. The rap game is beginning to be filled with people rapping about stuff that they don’t even know about. I know we all love a good sound and melody from music but, I plan on always coming with 100% content that I know is something real that people will relate to.

Tell us a fact about you?

I’m the six-time Camp John Marc Camp Joint Adventure Musical Tubs Champion. Musical Tubs is like Musical Chairs, except there is huge tubs with water in them. Pretty sure my reign hasn’t been touched since I left those camp grounds.

B.O.S.S. Code Stands for Business Over Social Stress. How can you relate with that in your life and career goals?

I definitely can relate this to the many people in life who have tried to tell me I can’t do something. From people saying why are you doing music, to people questioning my visions in life. I have doubled my quote on quote life expectancy, and know that God has a bigger plan in store for me. Whether it’s something in music, radio, restaurant business, or a combination of all them. Y’all better get prepared to hear the name OzzeyDoesIt coming to you in a variety of different facets.

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Twitter: @OzzeyDoesIt