Bosch Holdings Enginuity November 2011 - Page 4

page ENGINUITY 4 page Business Diversification Opportunity Accelerates Local Process Innovation Bosch Munitech Elevates The Status Of Waste Collection When Bosch Munitech completes the second phase of its appointment as the service provider for the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) national waste collection training programme, it will have reached some 7 500 contract waste collection workers and will have significantly enhanced the job creation capacity of the municipal waste collection sector. The current NERSA Consultation Paper describing cogeneration rules and tariffs showed cogeneration to be a promising business opportunity. This would require business diversification for local sugar factories which rely on sugar manufacture as their primary revenue source. The industry is awaiting confirmation of the tariffs before embarking on feasibility studies followed by project implementation. To maximise the cogeneration opportunity, innovation of the sugar manufacturing process is required to minimise steam consumption. The Bosch High Efficiency Low Cost Mill (HELCOM) model is being refined in this regard. The approach closely examines vapour grade use and heat recovery opportunities with all technical options evaluated against the factory’s efficiency and capital expenditure. Feasibility studies awards and project implementation may proceed, provided that the NERSA tariffs are above an economically viable rate. Bosch Projects uses its international experience to assist clients in maximising cogeneration opportunities and compliment the national electrical supply. This is evident in the recent Ubombo project which is nearing completion. This project will enable Ubombo Sugar Limited