Bosch Holdings Enginuity November 2011 - Page 18

page ENGINUITY 18 page Bosch Stemele Repairs And Renovates Mthatha Police Complex 19 Saving Water In Drought-Stricken Butterworth Bosch Stemele’s East London Office was appointed to assist the Amathole District Municipality (ADM) to implement water conservation and demand management initiatives in Butterworth, Eastern Cape. The region’s ongoing drought saw many supply dams running dry resulting in expensive and unsustainable drought response measures such as carting water. To reduce the impacts of the current and future droughts, Bosch Stemele’s brief was to look at interventions to ensure water is used sustainably. The scope of services included a desktop study and visual assessments, including verifying existing infrastructure. The project began with data collection for “as builts” of infrastructure and visual assessment including detecting leaks and other problems. After identifying problem areas, Bosch Stemele undertook a high level water balance including night flow analysis and pressure logging so that s