Bosch Holdings Enginuity November 2011 - Page 14

page ENGINUITY 14 page Rehabilitation Work Improves Services In Park Rynie And Umzinto 15 Ubombo’s – Juice Heaters And Massecuite Reheaters With the commissioning of the huge Ubombo Sugar factory 510tch Expansion Project in April 2011, a number of equipment supplied by Bosch Projects was put into use. In addition to the Chainless Diffuser, Bosch Projects also supplied three mixed juice heaters and two clear juice heaters. Furthermore, two C-massecuite reheaters, unique to Bosch Projects in their design, were commissioned. A few weeks later, the Bosch Projects coarse ash settler was put into use, after a successful performance in a Mexican factory. This is the first installation in Southern Africa of this design. Mhlengi Madiba, manager for these equipment supply projects, reports that all equipment is working as per the process requirements. Contact: Mhlengi Madiba - Mixed and clear juice heaters installed at Ubombo in Swaziland International Procurement For Tanzanian Sugar Estate Wright Lane - Before Wright Lane - After Alexandra Crescent - Before Alexandra Crescent - After A pipe destined for the Kagera Sugar Estate in Tanzania It has been more than three years since the heavy floods in June 2008 wreaked havoc on roads and stormwater systems in Umdoni Municipality’s Park Rynie area on the KZN South Coast. Bosch Stemele carried out rehabilitation work from July to September 2009 on 11 contracts in the Park Rynie areas. The work consisted of mainly repairs to roads, stormwater systems, beach accesses and parking areas. Adverse weather conditions caused construction delays. The high number of contracts and increased construction traffic in restricted areas caused further damage, delaying the whole process. Despite the delays, all contracts, bar one road contract in Marine Drive / Bermuda Way, are now complete. The rehabilitation project has significantly improved roads and stormwater systems within Park Rynie and Umzinto. Although residents were inconvenienced by construction activities, their patience was rewarded with improved services and a safer environment in terms of traffic and stormwater control. Contact: Raj Ramchuran - Bosch Projects and Bosch Stemele were appointed by Kagera Sugar Estates as the consultants responsible for the detailed design of the Kagera Phase 2A Irrigation Project. They will also carry out quality monitoring during the project’s construction and commissioning stages. The Phase 2A Centre Pivot Irrigation Project will provide supplementary irrigation to 4 500ha of sugar cane grown on the Kagera Sugar Estate in Tanzania’s Bukoba District. The irrigation network comprises pipework ranging from 140mm to 1 000mm. The larger pipes of 500mm and upwards were manufactured from glass reinforced polyester. A tender for the supply of the fibreglass pipes and fittings was called for and the best offer was from a Chinese company. As part of the quality monitoring programme, a team from Bosch Projects and Kagera Sugar Estates visited the factory in June 2011. They carried out independent checks and audits on the manufacturing process, quality control and standard test procedures. The team submitted a positive report that all systems were in place and all pipes and fittings were being manufactured according to specification. Contact: Andy Knox -