Bosch Holdings Enginuity November 2011 - Page 10

page 10 Bosch Stemele and Umgeni Water To Supply Water To 100 000 People Umgeni Water’s Mhlabatshane Bulk Water Supply Scheme in the Ugu District Municipality will eventually supply 100 000 people with potable water. The R200m multi-disciplinary project includes all aspects of Bosch Stemele’s engineering capability and will be completed through five separate contracts. Project Director, Raj Ramchuran says, “The project will bring this sparsely populated, deep rural community, a new dam and ultimately 60ℓ of clean drinking water per person per day.” The community currently has access to 12 to 15ℓ per day and it is normally from informal sources. The project includes the construction of the new dam, access roads, a pump house, water supply pipelines, a water treatment works and reservoirs. Mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works will also be carried out. The planning phase ran from 2007 to 2009 with construction beginning in early 2010. Ramchuran says, “The project is well under way and scheduled for completion and commissioning by December 2012.” Contact: Raj Ramchuran - An aerial view of the new dam site situated deep within the Ugu District Municipality ENGINUITY page 11