Bosch Holdings Enginuity November 2011

ENGINUITY November 2011 I N C O R P O R A T I N G New Bosch Munitech Workshop Gears Up For Success Within just three months, Bosch Munitech created a fully functional mechanical and electrical maintenance workshop supported by four maintenance teams and a fleet of vehicles in Henwood Road, Pinetown. Originally set up to service a three year contract with eThekwini Water and Sanitation (EWS) for the mechanical and electrical maintenance of wastewater infrastructure in the western area of Durban, it now also equips the company to work on other related opportunities. “This is about creating a solid mechanical and electrical maintenance facility with the equipment to support it. We hit the ground running and now we are flying!,” explained Managing Director, Steve McCarley. The EWS tender was awarded in March this year and officially started on 1st June. It encompasses both routine and emergency maintenance of 41 wastewater pump stations and 7 wastewater treatment plants over the next three years. The Bosch Munitech workshop is geared up to handle both planned (scheduled operations) and unplanned maintenance. This could include anything from mechanical and electrical repairs, to pumps and other infrastructure, to the removal of aquatic weed from maturation ponds. Key to the whole operation is a 24 hour standby team that responds to breakdowns and carries out emergency repairs. McCarley said it was critical to have an efficient and well equipped facility in place from day one. He credits the rapid establishment of the new facility to a highly competent team that includes Project Engineer, Cindy Wells; Workshop Manager, Musa Mzolo and Workshop Foreman, Clive Louis. Wells pointed out that the establishment of the workshop is a strategic move that enables the company to focus on its core business. It will reinforce the company’s business concept as a provider of specialist operations and maintenance services to the municipal engineering sector. This is what we are here for.” It also opens other doors. The terms of the EWS contract stipulate that Bosch Munitech has to sub contract selected work to businesses established by entrepreneurs from previously disadvantaged communities. “We welcome this opportunity to help develop emerging contractors and contribute towards the creation of sustainable skills in both eThekwini and in South Africa as a whole. This is part of the company’s broader mandate. We will use the workshop as a nursery to bring through young artisans and are putting systems in place to do this,” said McCarley. Contact: Steve McCarley - Cindy Wells -