Bosch Holdings Enginuity July 2017

Enginuity JULY 2017 Mhlume Sugar Mill Booker Tate Manco team: David Gibbens, Robert Hodgson, Jonathan Innes and Bob Merry 100 Years and 100 Countries Bosch Projects has acquired Booker Tate Limited, a UK based international agricultural production and processing consultancy. We now have offices in Africa, South and Central America, United Kingdom, Indonesia and, through our technology partners, in South East Asia, the United States of America and India. The acquisition will achieve a greater depth of experience, capability and capacity, thereby positioning us to be the leading service provider to the global sugar industry. The combined entity, which has over 100 years’ experience in the sugar industries of 100 countries, is uniquely positioned to offer services ranging from feasibility studies and technical services to detailed engineering design, construction and commissioning, in both the agricultural and factory sectors. Our combined vision is to provide Clients with innovative, cost competitive technical solutions for cane sugar mills and refineries, cogeneration plants, ethanol distilleries, sugar cane production and general agribusiness. This is a significant milestone in the Bosch journey and adds to the diversity and global reach of the company. Mike Gibbon -