Bosch Holdings Enginuity ENGINUITY October 2018

Enginuity OCTOBER 2018 New 2Ml Storage Reservoir at James Kleynhans Water Treatment Works (WTW) Innovative Solution for Makhanda Water Crisis Help is on its way for the town of Makhanda, previously known as Grahamstown, which has been affected for many years by water shortages and no water at all in some areas, for days at a time. An important component of the project is the requirement that 30% of the project value be awarded to emerging sub- contractors. This has allowed emerging subcontractors to be employed and developed through the main contractor. To solve this crisis, Amatola Water was appointed as the implementing agent, with Bosch Projects as the consultant, to undertake the design and implementation for the augmentation of the James Kleynhans Bulk Water Supply. Funding for the implementation of the project is through the RBIG programme of the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS). On completion, this project will have addressed the water requirements for the existing and future developments for Makhanda, in the Makana Municipality. This will be a relief for the community, in and around this busy university town. The first phase of the 4-phase project, which falls within the confines of the existing James Kleynhans Water Treatment Works (WTW), was awarded for a project value of R41.3 million. This phase consists of the construction of a 2.0 Ml concrete storage reservoir, 4 sludge ponds, a supernatant pump station, an interconnecting pipework between new and existing infrastructure and electrical upgrades. Phase 1 of this contract is due for completion in December 2018. The remaining 3 phases will address the following: • Augmentation of the WTW from 10 Ml/day to 20 Ml/day • Refurbishment / upgrading of the existing James Kleynhans WTW • Refurbishment / upgrading of the existing pumping main Rowan Bode -