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ARTICLE Or is it the production? With such bright, harsh lighting and a picture perfect backdrop, I think it's safe to say that the movie is most likely not rooted in reality at all — it's too colourful, too pristine, and most importantly, we fail to see how it reflects the story's pathos.Farhat Ishtiaq's novel of the same name, which Bin Roye is based on, is heartwrenching and intense. What organic value does all this naach gana bring to the plot? Does it propel the story forward in any way whatsoever?This is particularly a shame because that's the one thing our cinema has going for it — the fact that our movies and television shows are relatable and raw, not unrealistic like everyone at an event bursts into the same dance routine knowing exactly what to do.It's also no secret that the film went through its fair share of obstacles: Bin Roye is co-directed by Momina Duraid and Shehzad Kashmiri, the latter having stepped in after the film's original director bowed out. Perhaps, this hodgepodge of direction is what led the otherwise talented stars astray.Another thing that's really irking me is: Why is the charming Adeel Hussain wearing a bile coloured kurta and a vest made out of Farah Talib Aziz lawn? On-screen chemistry doesn't make it to the finish line Let's be real; Humayun and Mahira are no SRK and Kajol but you'd expect them to at least be Shahid and Kareena but no, apparently that's having really high expectations too!Tere Bin Jeena is meant to be a romantic number but where's the spark? You can tell that they're trying hard individually, but it's not coming together for some reason — Saeed didn't look like such a deer in the headlights in his scenes with Armeena Rana Khan. In fact, when you see the two interacting in the trailer, it's quite adorable but that same sentiment is not ignited by him and Mahira,Humsafar was the mammoth success it was mostly because the audience loved the on-screen connection between Mahira and her co-star Fawad Khan. She has said in the past that the reason their chemistry came off as genuine was because she was quite comfortable around him.Even though Sadqay Tumharay dropped the ball, her chemistry with Adnan Malik was still admired -- the two are known to be close friends off screen. Maybe the comfort level, or lack thereof, with her Bin Roye co-stars hindered her perfor- mance.The duo fails to achieve an undeniable intimacy on screen and it's apparent. I mean, what's with this awkward hand touching scene? In the scene in question, Humayun Saeed's character raises his hand in a movement that looks pretty aggressive, as if he's about to hit Mahira — we cringe, but then seconds later it's turned into a romantic moment!I wasn't a fan of the lyrics or the music composition either — it sounds haphazard. Somehow, they almost managed to make Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sound average and out of place. Now, that's an accomplishment!I can overlook bad music production but how much elbow room must we give them when it's meant to be a "musicdriven venture"? That being said, I remember being excited to watch the movie when I first saw the trailer because I was impressed at how well Humayun was presented as his character, Irtaza. There were glimpses of promise then, so who knows, the movie could go either way.This seems to be the year of commercial cinema anyway — I think Pakistanis have seen enough of espionage themed movies.Bin Roye is slated for an Eid-ul-Fitr release. I'm still contemplating whether I want to spend my hard-earned Eidi on a movie ticket. 13 | BOOM